Waters Of Siloam & The Nature Of The Soul

The Earth is alive. Everything pulses in the Universe. We’ve spoke on its unlimited potential already. Now. Let’s consider how we would recognize unlimited potential manifested in the flesh. How would you describe what it was like to spend time God? That’s why the Gospel of John has so many layers. Click the link to dive deeper.


How Masculine & Feminine Shaped Religion

While hellenization was happening- FUN FACT: all of the collective knowledge we appreciate today comes from a very blended, and multicultural background. Scribes and priests, Holy people and ordinary folks from every culture imaginable have risked life and limb to carry our most sacred knowledge to safety from invasions and fires to the best of […]

Born Of Water & Spirit

To be born again is one of the core tenants of Christianity. We’ve all heard the doctrine and marveled at its meaning. How will rebirth grant us the ability to see the Kingdom of God? Many of us have had a similar reaction to Nicodemus and resisted the urge to make wisecracks to nurture our […]


When we reflect on what it means to be born again, or what King David would’ve called being renewed in Spirit, it helps to have a story we can relate to. Luckily, the person who wrote the above verse happens to be one of the most enigmatic characters in the Hebrew Scriptures. That means we […]


Look, I adore Steiner. He’s a free thinking individual chock full of mystical wisdom but like all mystics he tended to assume people knew what he was talking about. As a result, we find experts on the philosophy of anthroposophy being incredibly detailed with all of this technical information that is of little or no […]