As I’ve gotten older I’ve spent more and more time listening to the song Nature sings. There is something sacred about Earths natural power that I had missed as a youth. Oh sure, I was in the scouts and preferred being outdoors instead of in front of a screen but I was born in ’83 and we’re all like that. However, I didn’t put much thought into the Divine nature of Lake Texoma while I was whittling bars of soap into the shape of whales, or singing the theme song to Gilligan’s Island by campfire. Nope. I’m afraid my deep seated awe of the Divine Order didn’t come until I was well into my thirties.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that we monotheists aren’t alone in our thinking. The Ancient Mystery Schools that framed a lot of the modern philosophies were emerged in the quiet observation of Nature. Think of Paracelsus, the Father of modern medicine, who believed that we need to understand the nature of things if we’re to find a cure for them. Then there was Heraclitus who believed there was a sort of soul-substance, a life-force that permeated things and held it all together, one that could only be found by observing.

Medieval Rosicrucians had an extremely wonderful practice for educating themselves, one Buddhists would instantly recognize, where the practitioner was urged to note and observe every single flower they would come across and view it as a living being; the very Spirit of the Earth itself.

It’s not uncommon as the really big questions just sort of eat at the intellect and beckon the thinker to seek answers. That’s ultimately what’s driven the believer and the philosopher, the scientist and the sorcerer; it’s that desire to understand how we fit into the Nature of reality, or how we became self-aware of it in the first place. We Spiritualists would do well to remember that and respect the vast tapestry of beliefs we encounter. It’s like my Sunday School Teacher always says, “Let the way you live your life bear witness to your belief.”

Children take heed to what the elders share, especially, the wise ones. It’s with that in mind I take to the trails along the creeks around the way from my home. Texas has no shortage of such places and I consider myself blessed to be here.

A great deal of mystical experience awaits right outside our doors. All we have to do is trek into the woods with open hearts and open minds and Nature will do the rest. There’s a natural vibration to be found within the woods one can’t help but tune into. Wind rustles the branches as various birds sing songs to one another. Human footfalls sent across the forest floor stir various forms of wildlife sending them darting through the brush. This dance is an ancient one, one all human beings have shared in since the dawn of time.

In fact, an elderly man from one of that chat groups I frequent recommended a meditative technique to try out the next time I find myself deep in the woods. We had been talking about the global electromagnetic vibrations, called Schumann Resonances, that are generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. These frequencies have been well documented and we were both talking of how interesting it is to see science swimming in the same mystical channel we are striving to understand how, and why, everything vibrates. It was a truly delightful conversation and I feel blessed to have been a part of it.

Naturally, I took his suggestion the next time I found myself alone in the woods. I saw a tree that was a bit off the beaten track that had quite an interesting form of branches. They seemed to be growing away from all the other trees surrounding it as if offering the smaller trees a chance at sunlight. Seemed a generous sort so I sat at the base of it’s trunk and settled in. As I relaxed against the tree I sort of just tuned into the flow of energy taking place. I visualized how the branches were reaching the sky absorbing solar power while it’s roots were seeking food from the Earth underneath us. It was a truly riveting moment for me as I was internalizing how life pulses through everything. Every now and again, if we’re lucky, we can tune into that interconnectedness.

Natural beauty stirs my soul.


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