Before I dive into the deep end of the pool I want to address something. I am not a guru claiming to be illumined with secret knowledge. I am a regular guy who had a mystical experience. I attend Church weekly and read a lot of the same books you do. While I have found common threads amongst the global religions I never want to take away their uniqueness or force people to view spirituality in my way.

Do I see allegories of meditative practice scattered throughout the Bible? Absolutely. From Solomon and Sheba to the construction of the Temple I see an unbroken lineage of mystical tradition. I’ve done plenty of postings on my feelings in that regard and won’t beat a dead horse. I only mention it because I feel it’s important for others to understand how subjective our relationship with G-D actually is. However you interpret the scriptures, no matter the Faith, should be encouraged.

That being said, what follows is a collection of how I have come to understand the subtle energy centers along the kundalini. Any fault you find is purely my own ignorance. Any grace to be had is of the Divine, to Him be the glory.

The seven chakras along the kundalini are considered to be the main energy centers in the body. They can be viewed as gateways where energy flows and creates harmony between the body, spirit, and mind, If energy at one of these points is blocked we feel out of whack, like our balance is slightly off.

Mystics throughout the ages have urged us to understand how spiritual power flows through us. How energy gathers at each chakra and what spiritual lessons we can attain through observation and meditation. Everything in the Universe is not only interconnected but maintains a balance and we would do well to remember that.

Please understand that while we have a collected set of words meant to describe the chakras, how we experience and feel they affect us matters more than anything. You are ultimately the Captain of the ship and I highly recommend you spend time in quiet meditation focusing on the chakras and see for yourself. For me, this involved humming the various sounds and feeling where the hum vibrated within my own body. My lawyer is filled with an intense feeling of colorful light emanating at different points in his body so it really is a “to each their own” sort of situation.

Point is, take everything you read, including this, with a grain of salt and reserve your final conclusions for yourself. All anyone else can do is point you in the right direction, but it’s you, and you alone, that ultimately has to take the first step. May Wisdom guide you. Just remember, “her ways are pleasant and all Her paths are peace. (NAB-Proverbs 3:17)”


Represents the foundation. It’s what keeps us grounded and gives us our sense of fight or flight. It’s also where Her seed is planted within us all. What I call Sophia is known as Shakti in India, but it’s Her power that is coiled at the base of our spine. It is Her who guides the practitioner through each of the chakras on our path of understanding.


The seat of one-self. This drives our desire and governs how our emotions interact with others. The raw, sexual energy that is housed here is an incredibly powerful creative force when channeled properly. The seat of our Will rests here. It’s from this chakra Alchemists cultivate a red-hot desire to manifest into the material world.


Often called the City of Jewels. This is a great seat of power that feeds our ability to either take control of a situation or to stumble. Think of the butterflies in your stomach and compare them to the sensation of your gut dropping. That is a prime example of our energy centers giving us physically recognizable cues that something is spiritually off. Who says G-D doesn’t speak to us? Also, the alchemical concept of En Vegetalis talks of seizing this center of power and wielding it. Taoism holds a similar view.


The Heart of the Rose and quite literally the Heart of the matter for me. It is here I first met Sophia, in the Temple I constructed. It is here I awoke to the Divine presence within. It’s traditionally associated with connecting the lower planes of our existence with the higher planes of consciousness. The lower chakras are representative of how we interact with the material world while the upper chakras pertain to the Spirit. The heart is the balance between the two as it gives us both the ability to give and to receive Divine love.


This is the mechanism that reveals the wishes of our heart. Think of the old adage “careful what you wish for.” Our ability to speak things into existence is harnessed right here. It is the manifesting force of our creative Will housed in Svadhishthana. It is here we transform our sexual energy from our lower selves into the physical world around us.


The third eye of our eternal self; that everlasting part of our being rests here. It is both the eye to our soul and the home to our intuition. It’s also the only chakra with the vibration “OM” at its center, which I have come to understand as the seed of The All, that is all creation. In western alchemy we have the concept of Sal Nitrum- the mind reorganizes the Cosmos.


The infamous crown chakra represents our ability to connect to the Divine. When this energy center opens up we truly have access to the cosmic oneness that all Life comes from. Consciously experiencing these higher states of being is the ultimate realization of all the spiritual paths. If this chakra does truly open at our death it is because we are returning to the beginning of our existence. Jesus alludes to this in the Gospel of Thomas 18 when he says ” Blessed is anyone who will stand up in the Beginning and thereby know the end and never die.” To consciously experience such a revelation would be a truly remarkable experience. I mean, that’s the whole point right? To walk in constant communion with G-D.

There are several other chakras in the body, including three more in the crown alone, but these seven will definitely serve as a sort of groundwork for understanding the subtle play of energy happening inside of us.

I promise you I will put together a full breakdown of how Christian mysticism actually equates into this framework at some point very soon. As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope this has served you well. Please feel free to like and share this post with anyone whom you think it would benefit. Peace be with you.


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