“Kabbalists note that the 32 paths of Wisdom have their parallels in the human nervous system. 31 paths then parallel the 31 nerves that emanate from the spinal chord. The 32nd and highest path corresponds to the entire complex of cranial nerves. Which are 12 in number- 12 zodiacs, 12 disciples, 12 disciplines. As above so below, as within so without. The nervous system serves to double purpose. First It transmits messages from the brain to all parts of the body. Allowing the body to control the limbs and organs. Secondly, the nervous system transmits information from the various senses to the brain. Four of the senses- sight hearing taste and smell- come directly through the cranial nerves which are entirely in the brain. The impulses that come from the lower 31 nerves deal primarily with the sense of touch and feeling.

Like the nerves each of the 32 paths of wisdom is a two way street. First, It is a channel through which the Mind exerts control over creation. Secondly, it is also the path through which man can reach the Mind. If one wants to attain a mystical experience and approach the Mind he must travel along the 32 paths. In Hebrew the number 32 is written Lamed Bet. This spells Lev. The Hebrew word for HEART. It is in the heart that the action of the Mind is manifested in the body. As soon as the influence of the Mind ceases the heart ceases to function. Death occurs. The heart also provides life force to the brain and nervous system. When the heart stops pumping the nervous system can no longer function and the Mind no lingers exerts influence on the body. The heart therefore serves as the causal link between Mind and Body. It’s for this reason that the Sefer Yetzirah calls the heart the King over the Soul. It also calls the mystical experience the running of the Heart.”

32 is the fifth power of two. The 10 sephirot define a 5 dimensional space. The 32 paths corresponds to the number of apexes on a 5-dimensional hypercube

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